Genesis 11 The Tower of Babel

At one time all of the peoples of the world spoke one language.  They all picked a place and built a tower to the heavens.  God did not like the fact that they had built the tower and figured that now that they had done that they would be able to do anything they set their mind to.  So he decided to go down and scatter all of the people across the earth and give them all different languages so that they may not communicate with each other.  A couple of interesting points and maybe some opinions.  The word Babel in the way it is used in Genesis 11 comes from a biblical Hebrew word Balal meaning to jumble.  A feeble attempt by the authors of Genesis to explain why the Lord would have so many languages on earth.  If there was one language would it not be easier to spread the gospel and not have any confusion?  In ancient Mesopotamia the now extinct Akkadian language was spoken.  In Akkadian Babel means Gate of God.  Seems to me the name is more of a Noun than a verb.  They were describing the Tower of Babel not Gods obvious predisposition to micromanage everyone on earth minus The Noah clan.  I was right, an opinion came out right there at the end.  Did you see it?  I don’t know if you notice but Noah and his kids remind me of that rich spoiled family down the street that party hard and never have the cops show up.

Genesis 12  The Call of Abram                                                                                                The Lord told Abram to take his wife and all of his possessions  and leave his land.  God told him he would give him the land of Canaan and make him a great nation and protect him and bless him.  So Abram took his wife Sarai and his nephew Lot and moved to Canaan and took possession of all the land for as far as the eye could see.  On a side note: Canaan was occupied by none other than the Canaanonittes. Odd huh?  Anyway..these are the descendants of Canaan. Son of Ham who was one of Noahs sons.  Ham saw Noah naked one day while Noah was passed out in a drunken stupor.  Instead of covering his father he went outside and told his brothers what he had seen.  His brothers covered their father.  When Noah found out he punished Ham’s son Canaan rather than Ham.  His punishment was for him and all of his descendants to be the servants for the family.  Genesis 9:20-27  So his descendants as well as himself will never own anything.  Moving on!!  Now we move on to the famine and either the birth or death of Chivalry.

Genesis 12:10 Abram and Sarai in Egypt

Due to a great famine in the land of Canaan.  (you are welcome Abram) Abram takes his family to Egypt.  At this point all Abram can think about is what the Eqyptian men will do to him when they see how beautiful his wife is.  So he convinces his wife to tell everyone that she is really his sister so they will not kill him and take her.  Instead they will spare his life.  This could be the point in history when Chivalry died.  Upon their arrival in Egypt, just as he expected, word spread to the Pharaoh about this beautiful sister of the visitor Abram.  Sarai was taken to Pharaohs home to be his wife and Abram was blessed with Gold, silver, cattle and servants.  When this happened God blessed Pharaoh and his family and people with dreadful plagues and spoke to Pharaoh chastising him that he had taken a married woman to be his wife.  He wanted to prevent Pharaoh from committing a sin. So Pharaoh gets a bit cranky with Abram and sends him and his gang packing back to the famine stricken land they came from.  This could be the birth of chivalry.  Sadly.  May I make a couple points here??  Of course I can..I am the author…muahahaha  1.  Why not punish Abram instead of Pharaoh?  Abram is the one who lies and deceived.  Here is why.  At that time and even in some cultures today women were not allowed to just do whatever they wanted or sleep with anyone they wanted.  On the other hand men could sleep with any woman as long as she was not married to another man.  How do you like them apples ladies?  Like I have any lady followers.   B. Abram is so lucky his wife was not allowed to divorce him for being a spineless snake for worrying about his own well being above her.  It is ok that she be taken to another mans home to be wed but God forbid he should be hurt in any way defending his wife.  3.  God forbid..that reminds me.  God said and I quote  “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who treat you with contempt” Genesis 12:3  God had his back!  He did not need to worry about being hurt.  He had the ultimate body guard.  D.  AGAIN Noahs people bring shame unto the lord by deceiving Pharaoh.  The Lord punished Pharaoh and his people instead of Abram.  Then to put the cherry on the sundae, Abram is chastised by a PAGAN King for his deceit and bringing the Lords fury upon him.  The Pagan King has to basically tell Abram the right thing to do, and God chalks it up to a learning experience in blind faith.  And again Noahs offspring get off Scott free.